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Friday, April 15, 2011 ♥
Title:SYF Choir 2011
Time:12:42 AM

After months of hard work(since last October), we have finally achieved what we wanted and even more. Here's my SYF Choir experience...

Last October. We received two completely new music scores. They were titled Hark All Ye Lovely Saints and Janger. We sang it through and started learning...slowly...step by step, part by part. I remembered me saying that Janger sounded so weird at that time. And I felt that Hark was too holy sounding. I was not sure that those two were our SYF pieces then.

Last November. We received a new score that month. By then, we knew that Hark and Janger were two of our SYF pieces. Having taken part in the SYF before in Primary School, I knew 3 songs were the requirement and I looked forward to learning the set piece. Then we knew what it was. The Wind. Composed by Kelly Tang. The same composer for my Primary School SYF Choir's set piece as well. The teachers Ms Chung and Miss Ho tried their best to play it on the piano to let us hear how it sounded like. I knew it was going to be a difficult piece. One particularly high Soprano part caught my ear. Those in choir should know which part I'm talking about. So now we have the songs. The set piece, The Wind. The old english music, Hark All Ye Lovely Saints and the foreign language song, Janger.

This Year. We went through even tougher training. Staying back almost every day of the schooling week and even on Saturdays. It was really hard work and all of us felt like giving up. But we didn't. We went through it all and persisted. There were times when the teachers would scold us for not paying attention or cooperating. But I felt that they were right. Not all of us were giving our all then.

10 Days Before SYF. We started to get even more into rehearsals. There were days when we stayed back till 9pm+. For Mr Toh's masterclass and other rehearsals... We improved tremendously during that ast fnal lap of our preparations. I know and I think all of us choristers should know as well.

SYF Day. We headed to SOTA after some rehearsal time at YMCA building's studio. We were all well-rested and when we reached SOTA, we were all nervous but there was a sense of anticipation in the air as well. When it was our turn to perform, we gave our all and impressed the judges with our pieces. My mum, who was in the audience said that we sounded way better than when we were at the Bishan Salvation Army during our choir exchange with some other schools. We were all relieved when it was over and we excited ourselves, predicting what results we would get. I don't think any of us expected what we would get.

Around 5.30pm that day. The results were revealed. Some of us were outside the choir room and the seniors came screaming and running. We immediately knew that it was about our results and we followed them. At first, we thought it was a Gold. Nevertheless, we were already really happy that we met our target and started screaming and jumping around. Just then, one of the seniors came to where we were gathering and said, "Who said it was a Gold?" we immediately kept quiet. Then she said, "It is a Gold WITH HONOURS!" more shrieks of excitement. Things got pretty emotional after a while. Cries and shouts were heard. I myself was crying away. After about an hour of impromptu excited 'partying', we went home. The teachers, Ms Chung, our conductor and Miss Ho and Mrs Lau were so proud of us. Mrs Lau finally showed the kid-like side of her when she came running towards us and hugging those whom she can reach!

I'm really proud of my choir. We've come this far. Let's continue and give it our all that we do! SYF 2013!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011 ♥
Title:Taylor Swift Concert 2011
Time:5:42 PM

Since last November, I couldn't believe that Taylor Swift announced that she will be performing in SINGAPORE! It was her Speak Now World Tour! The date is set on 9th of February. Have been counting down the days since last Nov. And it happened! Last Wednesday, after Choir, my mom and I headed to Singapore Indoor Stadium to watch her live in concert!!! It was such an experience. I love it when she involved the crowd in her You Belong With Me performance. It was lots of fun! Stood throughout the whole 90 minutes. Was so excited...stoked...you get it. Helloo?? We're talking Taylor Swift here. It turns out that Singapore was her first stop in her SN World Tour. So glad she decided to came here first:) She started off with my favourite song from her SN album--Sparks Fly. So glad I memorised the lyrics of most of the songs she performed that day. It's definitely much more fun when you can sing along to the songs! When the concert came to an end, I couldn't stop thinking about it as I went home. It's definitely a concert/night to remember!! I LOVE YOU TAYLOR ALLISON SWIFT!! :D

So here are some photos I took from that night. And a short video of her performing Love Story, her last song for the night.


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Friday, January 7, 2011 ♥
Title:It's 2011!
Time:5:24 PM

Took a long blogger break:) I think as I get later into the year, I won't have time to blog so often either... I'll blog when there's significant things worth mentioning then! But for now...it's 2011!!! Secondary 2. Age 13 going on 14. Big deal to me! Streaming year. Means no joking/playing around year. I'm really going to take things more seriously this year. Aiming to get atleast Top 50 in the entire express cohort. Thinking of taking triple science...but not decided yet. I'll just have to do as well as I can so I do not need to worry about choosing subjects. Sitting infront with Sherilyn to focus more on Chinese lessons. It really helps. Wonder who's going to be our new class committee. Still the DNT Rep for Mr Ho. O.O New form teacher and science teacher>>> Mr Toh. He's kinda funny:) Though I'll definitely miss MrsChan and MissChew. They're really nice!~ Changing seats next week. Wonder who I'll sit with? Hopefully somebody whom I can associate with. This year is going to be real interesting. What with SYF and it being streaming year.

Being Sec 2 also means there are juniors! Had a lot of fun playing the game 'Don't Forget The Lyrics' and chatting with them during their audition for Performing Arts-Choir. There were some who are keen on choir! I hope they join. It'll be great to have some new talented people in our choir! Didn't see any RVPS juniors though. No doubt..because of the journey to AMKSS. Saw some from Punggol, NanChiau and Fernvale Primary though. Nothing much to say...will blog more when there is. >.< :)

PS. TheVampireDiaries returns tomorrow on Channel 5 at 10pm. Episode 9-History Repeating.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010 ♥
Title:151210 AMKSS OneFour Outing/Narnia-TVOTDT
Time:2:02 PM

Went out with like 20 over AMKSS OneFour'10 peeps yesterday to Northpoint mall, Yishun to celebrate our December Babies'(QingWei, Clarette, Valerie, Krishan and Mikail) birthdays, early or belated, it doesn't matter:) Met up with Sherilyn at CompassPoint first. Met Joanna, Gabriel and XinYi there. Watched Sherilyn sort out her presents. Funny sight. Headed to AngMoKio mrt station to meet some others and went to Northpoint after that. Walked around the shopping mall for like..what? 2 hours? :D Went to meet the rest of the peeps at Swensens at 7. Had dinner. There was alot of noise. o.o hope the other patrons of the restaurant didnt mind. Had salmon and mushroom spaghetti! Took pictures with the rest. Group photo. Chatted for quite some time. Went back with Sherilyn and Valerie at 9.30+. o.o Reached home at 10.05 Had a really fun time yesterday. It was great meeting and catching up with my soon to be TWOFOUR'11 classmates. Thanks to Mikail, Clarette and some others..idk who for creating this get-together. :D

Watched The Chronicles of Narnia-The Voyage of the Dawn Treader the other day. Was surprisingly awesome! I didn't expect much since the older Pevensie siblings, Peter and Susan were not returning to Narnia anymore. But Lucy and Edmund were pretty good by themselves! So the plot summary goes something like this: 'Lucy and Edmund Pevensie return to Narnia with their cousin Eustace where they meet up with Prince Caspian for a trip across the sea aboard the royal ship The Dawn Treader. Along the way they encounter dragons, dwarves, merfolk, and a band of lost warriors before reaching the edge of the world.' yep:) They did show some scenes of Susan and Peter though. It was definitely not the same without them..but it's okay. Enjoyed the movie alot. Was moved to tears at the end by Eustace and Reepicheep. Awww. Haha. Looks like Lucy and Edmund are not returning to Narnia anymore...but who knows? :D Aslan said they will meet again.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010 ♥
Title:Back on Blogger!
Time:3:00 PM

Hey peepo! I know i know...long time never post. Sighs...oh well. Shall start posting again. So..it's currently the holidays and it's filled with choir rehearsals. Hmm..not exactly the fun-est way to spend my holidays but it does prevent me from rotting at home and surfing the internet until my eyes pop. o.o Speaking of which, we've already started preparation for next year's SYF. Memories of the 2008 Primary Schools SYF floats back to mind:) We can do it choristers! So the songs are Janger, Hark All Ye Lovely Saints and The Wind. Janger is the hardest song to me. Because of the accents. Grrr..just thinking about them make my blood boil. If I keep accent-ing throughout the week I'll lose my voice i swear. And then there's HAYLS. My favourite song:) It sounds like this really church-like, old english music song. It's from the what century? 16th I guess. Then there's the set piece The Wind composed by the same composer from the '08 PriSch SYF, Kelly Tang. I can tell it's a difficult piece to learn especially before bar 31. I think everybody agrees that bar 31 is our favourite bar yeah? :D Yup. Our 2011 SYF will be another experience for all of us. Can't wait. Let's work hard together choristers! We can do it!

So other than choir, this holiday has been pretty much focused on me watching TheVampireDiaries. Yep. It's my favourite tv show so far. Watched all the episodes available on the net. Waiting for the next, 'By The Light Of The Moon'. Paul Wesley(Stefan Salvatore) is like sooooo cute and sweet and funny:) Ian Somerhalder(Damon Salvatore) is this really hilarious joker on set and I guess, off set as well. Love his tweets @iansomerhalder. Nina Dobrev(Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce(Katerina Petrova)? She's such a sweetheart :P Yep. Pretty much obsessed with everything TVD right now. Watch it? Msn me. We can discuss:) Don't ask me to choose between Twilight and TVD though. Both are awesome in their own way. ~Love Bites

Watched Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows some days back. It was really hilarious:) Lol at the 7 Potters, Hermione and Harry Dance, At The Ministry scenes. Super funny:P Laughed non-stop. Great to see Fleur Delacour and Rita Skeeter back this time. Missed them since GobletOfFire. So many deaths this time round though...Dobby...Mad Eye Moody...did I miss out anyone? o.o Aww Dobby died to save HarryPotter. Sighsss...RIP Dobby. Miss that little house elf. Dobby's a free elf! And soosoo sweet. As always, my favourite character, Luna Lovegood is as looney as ever. And with the appearance of her dad, Xenophilius Lovegood? Wow looney family:) She's still amazing though! And awfully sweet to Dobby.

So this Saturday(27th November) is my school, Ang Mo Kio Secondary's annual open house, or as we call it AMKsian Showcase. It's from 9am-3pm. I think most of the CCAs are performing. Choir's performing 3 songs, HAYLS(as mentioned above), Follow That Star and In The Still Of The Night. As predicted:) Yay love these songs ttm. Yep so if you're free this sat, come on down and join us! :) Wow long post. Oh well. To make up for my absence. Bye~

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Sunday, October 31, 2010 ♥
Title:ONEFOUR Class Outing-BBQ 2010
Time:3:17 PM

YOH peeps! Lots to talk about. Yesterday was EPIC FUN TTM! :) Sherilyn and Clarette came to my house. At about 3.15pm. They stopped at the wrong floor Level 14. I was like walking out of my house to go meet them at the lift and I heard their voices from beneath. Then I saw them. Sherilyn was asking if Glenda was at home. I waited until the person shut the door and I yelled. SHERILYN! And they saw me. LOl~ Played karaoke party and monopoly. Ate sushi and egg tarts :O. Clarette taking photos of me hamsters. Cabbed to Eileen's place at around 4.30pm. Cabbing with Sherilyn is epic okay. From her twitter: "I think I pissed the cab driver today, by telling how nice the parks and trees are, how pretty the flowers were and how green the trees are." Awesome la. Ha~

Were the first to reach Eileen's place. O.o walked around, exploring. Her house is damn big! Semi-D. Say chinchillas. Awww frigging adorable. Amabel calls them squirrels. -.- Evangeline and JingYing came afterwards. Followed by the guys who cabbed here. Then JunYang and Kenrick. Then Marcus' group. Blahblahblah. Didn't barbecue.. Don't really know how. Organised water balloons for the games later with the committee. They're epic too. They have this password thing. KeDi(outside) "I want to come in!" Joel, "Password?" KeDi, "uhhuhh.." Eileen *slams the door* Haha. Went down to eat some stuff. Took lots of pictures. Too lazy to upload them. Didn't take as many as I wanted to. *frowns* Oh well. Clarette and Sherilyn uploaded them:)

Brought the pails of water balloons to the playground(opposite a cemetery o.o) HEAVY MAX! It was quiet. Like seriously quiet. When we went there. It's like 7pm+? Went to get the class to come. Played Dog and Bone with water balloons. Got Miss Ho drenched. Didn't really get drenched. Brendan sprayed the garden hose at me. Screamed. :) Cher and Valerie piaked me with water balloons. Cher piaked my face! Aiyohhh. lucky not so pain. Got my back drenched only. *sticks out tongue* I pity QingWei. I guess she got hit one of the most. If not the most. Went back to Eileen's house after piaking everyone with water ballons:) Sat around, watching tv. Cher played with my camera. Left at 9pm. Valerie's parents were kind enough to give me a life. ThankyOU! End of day.

Watched TheVampireDiaries at 10pm. Season premiere. Episode "Pilot". AWESOMEAZING:) Nina Dobrev. Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder rockzxc. Watched Poltergeist after that and the Police and Thief special. Slept at around 1am+. Just want to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all:D Get ready for frights~ XD.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 ♥
Time:10:40 PM

I know I haven't updated in like ages but I didn't have anything to update about. Oh well. There's one. The organizing-for-classonefour-outing thing. After a whole round of discussions and some arguments...we've decided to just fix it as a free activity. Venue will be at PasirRisPark and we'll just cycle. Play some games and such. Barbeque at Mrs Chan's place afterwards. So sad-ed by the fact that Mrs Chan is leaving our school. Whywhywhy..First Miss Chin. Now Mrs Chan. :( So sad. *sighs* Oh well. Uhh...my iPhone got sent for repair. So please don't call or text my number. If it's urgent, please call my home number. Please do ask me personally for it. Sorry for all the inconvenience caused. I hope the problem will be solved soon. Selena Sim Jin Yang is now...Chloe Sim Jin Yang. Apparently he changed interest to the extremely awesome Chloe Grace Moretz from KickAss. She's amazing:) Wow JinYang changes interest so fast. Wonder who's next? Got back my EOY results. Mostly disappoinment...especially my English. What happened? *sighs* Hope I can get to 24 next year. PleasePleasePleasePlease. *crosses my fingers* Looking forward to the post-exam activities next week. Except for art. Art sucks. Isn't it bad enough that we had to put up with it during curriculum time? -.- Weird enough, I got an A2 for my art. Lol ttm. Heard this song. "Back to December" by Taylor Swift. Found out that she wrote it for Taylor Lautner. Touching max:)
~I'd go back in time to change it but I can't~

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